You might be wondering how setting up the desktop wallpaper on your computer or iPhone can help boost your productivity. But behavioral psychologists will tell you this; much goes to your brain than that which you can think it gets.

In this digital world, life has been made simpler. With the introduction of computers and mobile devices, life no longer looks complex. With your handset, you can create a photo gallery to be perusing during your own time. From the gallery, you can choose a stunning photo to set wallpaper.

Desktop wallpaper not only beautifies your gadget but it also acts as a constant reminder of various situations of life. For instant, having elegant army wallpaper on your desktop can help inspire your dreams of joining the army.

In this article, we are going to explore the top ten army wallpapers to use on your desktop or laptop. These wallpapers are the best as they are downloadable free of charge and come in different resolutions. Let’s go!

Man Carrying Riffles Outdoors

From what it looks like a one-man’s Army, this photo is quite inspiring. And what more can you see? Its dark color and the nicely done shading grey add more elegance and style to the already stunning face. Looking very sharp and aggressively aiming at the target, this photo shows how getting the right shot takes time and precision. Setting it as your desktop wallpaper, it will be constantly reminding you of your already set goals and you will never lose focus in life.

An Army’s Collection

This photo gives us a one but a comprehensive look and feel of a soldier’s life. It shows all the tools needed for victory, uniform, as well as proper ammunition. This is great to get you fired up in the chilly mornings, reminding you that you have everything in your hands to get started.

Although you might not recognize all of them at least you know there is an AK-47, A short gun riffle, grenade, as well some magazines to hold the bullets. There is also a helmet and the full-soldier uniform with a bulletproof vest for protection.

Never Give Up

Do you often feel discouraged or lose hope more often? If so, why don’t you take a second look at this one and get more going? Filled with hope, this photo reminds you that everything might not be on your side. But if you strive, then nothing can stop you from reaching your destination.

Another great idea from this photo is its blurred background that does not reveal to us where the soldiers are pointing at. This is another great trick making our imagination to go wild. As such, having it as your desktop wallpaper can be exciting and encouraging.

Jets of War

This list could not be complete without an array of nicely arranged jet ready for full combat. These photos are not only gorgeous but also show muscle and strength in them. With this view, you can only leave your imagination to lead you wherever it will and think of the possibilities of war, navigation, or anything in between.

Another thing that adds to the stunning photo is the background, which is made of the beautiful rays of light from the blurred sun. The color scheme could also not be better bouncing off the flight machine creating a stunning view as well.

Hide Attacks

Another well-taken shot is this soldier hiding in the midst of combat. This one is fantastic showing how tactic meets muscle. In attack, the strategy is the only sure way to win. A weapon is something everyone has and the positioning of the men for sure it meets the grain. The lighting is also on point, as it looks darker and livelier with good color combination in the background.

Making Your Way into the Patrol

This is also another cool photo that will not only inspire you but also leave your friends jealous of your desktop. Showing a soldiers’ navigate the terrain, this has to be one of my top favorites. 

The goo thing that I love in this photo is the organization of the soldiers. Right from their movements to their dressing, they make everything look like in a movie. Also, they have uniform with favorite colors, that is, brown, green and black boots.

Shot on Target

If you like another great shot on target, you will instantly fall in love with this one. Here, with all the nice beautiful sharpness of neatness and choice of colour, I bet you cannot resist this favourite one.

Another reason to love this wallpaper is how the gun is placed; ready to fire. What about the helmets that are just equally tall, all in all, it looks amazing.

Tanker in the Sky

Everybody will agree that the damages a tanker can cause are immeasurable. But have you ever thought of how the riders feel, knowing they can navigate any terrain? This is exactly what this has to portray and I think the ride is a rough one. The blue sky, however, looks cool and the shining sun makes it even more appealing to the eye.

Soldier Band Troop

When you hear your national anthem, do you know who probably sing it the best? Of course, it is the army. The most loyal and patriots you have in your country. And their singing is just as beautiful as their looks in this stunning picture.

In the Woods

As stunning as this photo looks, it is an awesome shot taken from real personnel navigating their way through the rugged off-road and some water body that looks impassable. With all the courage and determination in the picture, this is irresistible wallpaper that you would want to greet every morning.

Keep It Nice and Neat

We all love soldier stunts, but do you ever think how long they go? They match in lines and stand for long hours, not forgetting the England queen soldiers who do not move a muscle for the whole day. Although they make beautiful moves while everything remains aligned, you can only appreciate such keenness with this one man nice posture. And it is awesome. 

Winter Wars

Another great shot taken at winter reminds you of the courage and stamina required to win a battle. This photo is full of courage and boldness on another level, and with the crisp colours, it really adds attention to detail.

Another look at this picture will remind you of teamwork, cooperation, solidarity, as well as the heart to help others. What about trusting others and friendship? This photo really has a thousand words in it.

How to Dress like a Killer

Although very basic with an army dressing Parten this photo is a real inspiration that reminds us of how the forces camouflage in nature and how incorporating nature can give us an edge over our enemies. Filled with what looks like the continents of the earth mixed and matched it is no surprise that this colour combination is eye arousing and mind simulating too. The only downside of this photo is that it will not help you boast about your 4k resolution screen to your friends if that is your take.

Army Logo

From what looks like a skull, the logo is nicely done, the hazardous looking face is both good Looking but also scary to look at. Though you can be sure it will be a good one for your desktop.

The background of the photo is also engaging with the green circle serving the place of the placeholder for the picture. 

Pick What You Love

The best thing about these photos is that you can get them for your desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone. This is because they have different resolutions that can fit for each of your screen sizes. By hitting the download button, you can have your desired wallpaper downloaded in seconds. Make sure you adjust the resolution to suit your particular gadget.

More importantly, you need to take your time to look for stunning wallpaper for your desktop. The Internet has a lot to offer so you can peruse to get one that meets your personal needs. Always settle for wallpapers that seem to address either one or two problems you are passing through. For instance, if you are depressed, avoid those army wallpapers with big and scary ammunitions. Instead, you may opt for ones portraying solidarity, such as those showing soldiers singing the national anthem.