Nowadays, people spend a lot of their precious time on gadgets, such as computers, laptops, Smartphone or even tablets. Some stick to these devices because of their work while others want to explore the Internet or play games. Keep in mind that spending a great deal of time in front of a computer may lead to eye strain, so what could be the best remedy?

Apart from the obvious remedy of taking a few minutes off for every hour spent in front of a computer, selecting a soothing desktop wallpaper or background can help ease eye strain. There is a myriad of desktop wallpapers you can choose from. For example, you may opt for animal wallpapers, landscape wallpapers and celebrity wallpapers, among others.

Aside from easing eye strain, changing your desktop wallpaper can transform the appearance of your gadget. Even if the unit is not new, eye-catching wallpaper can make it look more attractive. Anyone who wants to use your machine will get attracted to the lovely images they see.

More so, changing desktop wallpaper helps reduce stress. Figure out a moment when you are feeling depressed. By picking soothing wallpaper can initiate a different mood.

If you doubt this, try out these amazing animal wallpapers, and I bet you will be fully convinced.

Top 15 Animal Wallpapers

Wild Horse

This is one of the best animal wallpapers of the year. It is a picture of a wild horse, which is rare to find on the Web. If you love horses, this wallpaper can change your mood whenever you cast your eyes on it. By setting it as the face image on your computer, laptop or Smartphone, this wallpaper can make your device look more appealing. To download it, click the link above and scroll down to see the download button. You can download it with the default resolution or change according to the settings of your machine. The image is in Jpeg format, so it is likely going to be compatible with your device. Also, the file size is as low as 6MB.

Lion Rainbow

From the Animal Wallpapers directory, here comes the lion rainbow wallpaper. As the name suggests, the image of the lion seems to be sandwiched within the realms of a beautiful rainbow. This not only gives your screen a stunning look but also a unique appearance. To use this wallpaper on your device, you need to click the above link to access the download button. It is free wallpaper with a size of 317KB and a Jpeg file format. The default resolution is 2560 x1440, but you can change to the native resolution or one that best resonates with your device.

White Wolves

With a resolution of 3500 x 2171, the white wolves wallpaper can make give your device that fantastic look you have always been craving for. The full-moon rays seem to illuminate the background thus making the image to look more realistic. You can download this wallpaper free of charge by selecting the resolution of your choice. The file type is in the format of Jpeg with a size of 1MB. By clicking the download button, you can have the wallpaper downloaded within seconds.

Antelopes on Green Field

If you are an animal lover, this wallpaper could be your number one choice. The innocent-looking antelopes portray a cool mood. The field covered with yellow flowers portrays peace. You can download this wallpaper for free in HD resolution of your choice. By clicking the above link, you will have access to the download button. This Jpeg file has a size of 2MB, which can be downloaded in seconds. If put as a front picture on your desktop, this wallpaper can make your device appear completely new.


This wallpaper shows a mother tiger with her young one walking on ice. It is a rare image because tigers rarely dominate places covered with ice. Having it as a front picture on your laptop or tablet, whoever casts their eye on your gadget will feel attracted. To download it, click the above link to have access to the download button. If your machine requires a different resolution rather than the default one, make proper adjustments. The 4MB Jpeg file is likely to download within a few seconds and have your wallpaper ready for use.


This is extra large wallpaper with a size of 19MB, which is ideal for desktop and laptops. The peacock wallpaper can completely change the usual look of your gadget. The image has a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels. Considering that peacocks are the most boastful birds, having this image on the screen of your device can tell a bit more about your character. Consider visiting the above link and download this Jpeg file image for free.


Here comes unique monkey wallpaper from the Animal Wallpapers Directory. If you look closely, the pictured animal does not resemble the ordinary monkeys you are conversant with. So, the distinctiveness in the image is what makes it stand out. With a standard size of 4MB, this image is easy to download and can be used as a wallpaper in both computers and mobile devices. You only need to adjust the resolution size to suit your specific gadget.


If you are keen enough, it is like a swarm of seagulls is attacking the person. This wallpaper not only showcases how these birds can beautify our surroundings but also reveals the closeness that exists between seagulls and human beings. To have it on your machine, consider accessing the download button by clicking the link above. Although large, this wallpaper is ideal for desktops, laptops, tablets, and Smartphone.

Green Snake

The image of the green snake on this wallpaper may look scary, especially to those who are not used to snakes. Bear in mind that green snakes are rare to find. So, having this image stored on the frontal screen of your Smartphone or tablet can be a big surprise to many. Acquiring this wallpaper is quite simple; click the link above so you can locate the download button. Your download will only take seconds since the file is only 573KB in size. Remember to choose your desired resolution depending on the device you are using.

Cute Puppy

For pet lovers, this can be ideal wallpaper for them. The image of the cute puppy will constantly remind you of the actual pet at home. For real dog enthusiasts, this image can remain as their wallpaper for a lifetime. It is available in the link provided above. With a size of the 2MB, the Jpeg file can download very fast. Always remember to choose a resolution that best fits your gadget’s screen.

Cat and Dog

Just like in human beings, love does exist amongst animals. This image shows a cat and a dog relaxing with none of them causing trouble. To get the wallpaper, visit the link above and click the download button. With a size of 830KB, this image will download in seconds. You can use the wallpaper on gadgets, such as a Smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or any other mobile device.


Having dinosaur wallpaper on your gadget will be a constant reminder of this extinct animal. If there were no images of such rare species, then people would have forgotten everything about them. So, these wallpapers tend to preserve the memories of such precious wild animals. If you are looking to get this dinosaur wallpaper, just visit the above link to be redirected to the download button. The image is 410KB in size so the download will only take seconds.


This image shows how creative birds are. The picture shows the need for shelter just like human beings. With a single click on the above link, you will be directed to the download button. It may take a short time to download this 666KB file image. Ensure you select the appropriate resolution depending on the type of your device.


This wallpaper touches on aquatic life. The image can give you some hope in life when you imagine how fishes survive in water. You can acquire it by hitting the link above to be redirected to the download button. Having a size of 319KB, this Jpeg file can download in no time.

Chameleon with Green Background

The unique thing about chameleons is their ability to change color. This wallpaper is unique on its own. When set as a background image on your desktop, it creates that impression of why you should never reveal your true character to others. The actual file size is 313KB, so downloading it won’t take long at all.

Pick Your Favorite

It is good to customize your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device with a unique and amazing animal wallpaper. This is a perfect way to give your machine a fresh look. You need to go for wallpapers that are not common and ones that you cannot easily spot on the Web. Remember there are thousands of wallpapers to choose online to choose from, but due diligence is vital when doing your legwork. Always opt for images that will brighten up your mood.